The food ecosystem that makes everyone happier

Bistroo has lower fees and puts restaurants, food shops, and their customers back in control.

The BIST Token and community are live since May 2021!

Giving power back to the restaurants!

It’s all over the news: food delivery apps disproportionately charge high fees to restaurants, pay out late, and limit the freedom of food businesses.

Bistroo puts an end to this. We bring back personal contact with customers, flexibility, full control, direct payments, and much lower fees.

Bistroo is super simple and super effective; in no time you have a full food shop online and you can focus on what you do best: making your guests happy with good food!

Why Bistroo?


Using blockchain technology allows us to build a more efficient food ecosystem. One where everyone helps improve and grow the network.


Business owners are given full control over their payments, menus, prices, orders, advertising, and analytics. They can speak directly with customers and get paid directly.


We grow organically. We unite restaurant owners, their loyal fans, and blockchain talent in our active Bistroo Community by fairly rewarding everyone’s contributions.

Our Platform for Business

Not just lower fees, but better and more intuitive software to collect important business insights.

Consumer app

The app facilitates easy takeaway & delivery for all types of restaurants and food stores - on desktop, iOS, & Android.

Business dashboard

A completely customizable back-office to manage your store, orders and customers. Full control on all aspects.

Bistroo Protocol

Take a look at the Bistroo ecosystem

BIST facilitates direct value exchange, data & community rewards, advertising, staking, and decentralized financing for merchants.

Unleash the BIST!

Discover our token and the community around your favourite food businesses.

Become active & earn rewards

The Bistroo community is the heart of our ecosystem, made up of food entrepreneurs, investors and ambassadors. Join us on our mission for a fair food market!

Get involved!

The BIST token was launched on May 16th and is tradable on Uniswap. Leave your email address to get notified when new exciting things are happening and become part of our community.