The main platform has launched in the Netherlands on March 3th, 2020. Check live platform here

Main platform launched March 3th, 2020! Check here!

The BIST token powers our platform & community Blockchain technology enables Bistroo to grow faster and provide financing services.

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From now on the BIST Token is listed on Uniswap!

lens Live Statistics
  • Live since 03-03-2020
  • 23129 active users
  • $ 2.175.015 platform volume

Unleash the BIST The Bistroo Token

The BIST Token will be the lifeline of the Bistroo community. The BIST token facilitates direct value exchange, data & community rewards, advertising, staking and decentralized financing for merchants.

The token will be one of the methods of payment available for the platform without losing its properties as a utility token. It will fuel community smart contract reward systems and promote community ambassador driven growth.

  • Payments

    Purchase your food using BIST tokens against reduced rates compared to FIAT purchases.

  • Contribute

    Be a valuable member of the community by, for example, onboarding your favorite restaurant or inviting your friends, and receive BIST tokens as your reward.

  • Order givebacks

    For each order placed using FIAT you receive 1% of the order cost back in BIST token. If you use BIST tokens to place the order you receive 2% of the order cost back.

  • Shopping

    Merchants can use BIST tokens to purchase all kinds of store attributes to enhance their customer experience.

  • Data rewards

    Share your consumption and order data and you will be rewarded with BIST tokens.

  • Premium Features

    BIST tokens can be used by merchants to gain access to premium dashboard features at a significantly reduced price.

  • Ratings & Reviews

    Write community valued reviews for meals and services and be rewarded in BIST for contributing valuable info.

  • Smart advertisement

    Merchants can use BIST tokens for advertising to their target customer audience.

  • Merchant staking

    Staking BIST tokens as a merchant will allow you to get discounts on commision fees.

  • Community & liquidity staking

    Earn rewards for cotributing to the network by staking your BIST tokens, or by providing liquidity.

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Decentralized Merchant Financing BIST Merchant DeFi

With our BIST token, we will be introducing Decentralized Merchant Financing through the Bistroo network! Community members will be able to fund merchant requests through our network and in exchange are entitled to x% of the future sale revenues over a period of y months, and i% interest.

Through our smart contract framework, our community that is willing to fund requests and merchants who are submitting these requests, will have a complete transparent understanding of the terms and conditions of the specific loan agreement. In which interest, duration, and pay-outs are all set in the smart contract before the loan and agreement is initiated. On each BIST token transaction of our merchants, a portion is distributed amongst all the community members that provided the funding to payout any remaining interest and/or settlements.

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The circle of life The Tokenomics

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