The BIST token powers our platform & community

Alongside paying with their local currencies, consumers pay in BIST and earn it back by contributing to the ecosystem.

The BIST Token and community are live since May 2021!

BIST token benefits

Alongside paying with fiat currencies like Euro or Dollars, consumers can pay in BIST and earn more of it by growing the community and improving the ecosystem.

Consumers benefits

Purchase your food using BIST to get a 2% cashback discount

Pay with crypto and get a 1% cashback in BIST tokens

Earn BIST for inviting a friend or introducing a restaurant

Get rewarded for generating and sharing your user-data

Earn BIST for reviewing your ordered food or restaurant

Merchant benefits

Merchants can ‘stake’ BIST to get even lower commision fees

Receive financing & advanced payments on orders (DeFi)

Use BIST for targeted advertising or rewarding loyal customers

Unlock premium dashboard features and store enhancements

Everyone can earn BIST by staking BIST and providing liquidity (DeFi)

Decentralized Finance for the Food Ecosystem

By using the BIST token, restaurants and food businesses will get access to decentralized finance (DeFi).

The BIST token facilitates a borrowing/lending infrastructure that is completely decentralized and transparent through smart contracts.

Food businesses can request funding from the community (including their own fans) and borrow BIST to supercharge their offerings.

Token-holders get a fair return for staking their BIST. In the end, everybody wins.

Ready to learn more about the BIST token?

In this section you can find our whitepaper. Let’s dive into the blueprint of the BIST ecosystem!

  • Discover the many applications of the BIST token
  • Understand the benefits of decentralized finance (DeFI)
  • Deep-dive into the BIST token’s roadmap

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