Better apps for consumers & food businesses

Bistroo has lower fees and puts restaurants, food shops, and their customers back in control.

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The food ordering app

Hungry? Order restaurant meals and local ‘specialty’ food products - like good cheese - in a few clicks. Delivered at home or ready for pick-up.

What to order? Just scroll and our algorithm optimizes your feed based on your taste and favourite ingredients.

By going Bistroo, everyone pays lower fees while supporting their favourite restaurants!

Start ordering food

A flexible dashboard for food businesses

The last thing you want as a restaurant or food shop owner is having to call someone to change your menu. We give you full control over your data, products, customers and orders!

More features for food business owners:
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Easy editing of menus, pricing and delivery area
  • Schedule holidays and rotating menus
  • Create discounts, coupons, and campaigns
  • Manage direct relationships with your customers
Bistroo for business

“During the covid crisis, we started selling online via Bistroo. Thanks to Bistroo, we have fewer telephone orders and therefore more speed at the checkout, this brings a lot of peace. We will definitely continue working with Bistroo.”

Go Bistroo!

We support food businesses and they are supporting us.

Become active & earn rewards

The Bistroo community is the heart of our ecosystem, made up of food entrepreneurs, investors and ambassadors. Join us on our mission for a fair food market!

National partnership

Bistroo is one of Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN)’s preferred e-commerce platform for their 20,000+ members. Let's go!

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