The path to a flexible, fair food ecosystem

Bistroo has lower fees and puts restaurants, food shops, and their customers back in control. The BIST Token and community are live since May 2021!

The Bistroo Story

The first cryptocurrency-driven food takeaway platform

Bistroo’s mission is to give power back to food merchants. How? By cutting out transaction middle-men and building the right tools for food merchants to grow sustainably. Doing so, means our platform allows for more valuable connections between food businesses and their most loyal customers.

So why use cryptocurrency? Blockchain technology allows us to more easily facilitate direct relationships between merchants and consumers and give more control to the merchant. Everything we build aims at more transparency, fairness and loyalty.

We first launched the Bistroo platform for food merchants in 2019 and held a successful token sale in 2020 wherein we sold all the BIST Tokens available for purchase. Since then, our community and team have grown rapidly.

With backgrounds in areas like software engineering, finance, and sales, our team is taking on every challenge that comes its way. To perfect the platform further and allow for more community growth, we’re also working closely with experienced advisors in the field.

Our advisors

Knowledge is power. That’s why we work alongside talented advisors who help us navigate the food and blockchain space responsibly.

Chris Dawe

Co-Founder at Effect Network

At Effect Network, Chris has helped build the first blockchain-based framework re-inventing the future of work. The platform facilitates thousands of people earning great pay in the cryptocurrency $EFX.

Hans van Tricht

CFO at Jamezz

With years of experience in finance, Hans advises several successful start-ups. One of them being a food ordering platforms called Jamezz. This makes him an invaluable addition to Bistroo’s advisory board.

Jeff Gielen

Senior Advisor at Kadans Science Partner

With a background in science and business, Jeff has played an important role at Kadans Science Partners for years now. The organisation assists knowledge-intensive ventures with growth and innovation.

The Team

The team behind building and growing Bistroo was born for the job. You’re looking at a combination of food-service passionates and crypto-fanatics.

Bas Roos


Bas loves exploring how IT can improve business processes. With experience in IT management and risk assessment, Bas has gone deep down into the blockchain rabbit hole. Now, he brings it all together at Bistroo.

Bob Dohmen


Bistroo’s development team is in safe hands. Bob has spent over a decade as a freelance full-stack developer and has built himself a tidy track record in platform technologies.

Bas Geelen

Operations Manager

Never mind his Master’s degree in strategic consultancy. Bas is powering Bistroo’s marketing with his experience as a film producer and blockchain brand designer.

Sebastiaan Brouwers

Growth Manager

Sebastiaan loves elevating marketing through resourcefulness. It's his mission to generate cost effective growth at Bistroo.

Micha Brand

Senior Account Manager

As a founder himself in the foodservice/Ecommerce space, Micha brings Bistroo decades of B2B sales experience and a personal passion for the foodservice and hotel industries to the table.

Luc Ungerer

Sales Manager

With a double master degree Luc Ungerer brings academic knowledge to the Bistroo Table. As a sales manager it’s his responsibility to manage the sales team, setting up and continuously improving our sales process and determining our sales strategy.

Mounia Ramdi

Social Media & Content Manager

Next to having a plethora of experience in social media management, Mounia is also a content creator, food business owner and crypto enthusiast. Need we say more?

Robin Senn van Basel

Graphic Designer

Robin joined Bistroo in 2020, after more than a decade of experience as a freelance designer. His graphic and UX/UI skills have helped Bistroo tell an even better story.

Koen Hoeijmakers

Lead Back-end Developer

Back-end development is Koen's forté. He is eager to help Bistroo in shifting the balance in the delivery industry towards a more merchant and consumer friendly platform.

Tom Hermsen

Back-end Developer

With a primary focus on back-end but a background in full-stack development, Tom helps to improve the features and stability of the Bistroo platform.

Youri van Mill

Lead Front-end Developer

Youri is a Vue.js enthousiast, driven to make good stuff even better.